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About Triple E/Fairplay For All and how to help

About Triple E/Fairplay For All and How You Can Help

Payatas is the largest dumpsite in Manila, with tens of thousands of people living on the outskirts scavenging through the rubbish for something to sell, recycle and even eat. Working 16 hours a day for roughly P200 for the family, the people need to be incredibly hardworking and creative and continually display those qualities. Our sister-charity ASCF already provides an education sponsorship program for many of the children in the area, some of whom are the top one of their classes. Cashew Tree House, the Pre-

school the charity runs at Payatas, regularly wins awards in competitions against local, private schools proving the intelligence of those living in this area. All that is missing is opportunity.

The teams we have started and coach have been training since February and after only three months of training we entered them into a tournament, where they played against taller, older opponents who had been playing for years. The boys left with a record of W2, D2, L3. Considering the amount of time they’ve trained together this was a great achievement. We left feeling really proud of them and deservedly so with the two top football websites in the Philippines covering our story: and Before that, Balls TV had heard of the story of Payatas FC and came down to film the kids training at Payatas and did a short segment for their channel.

The football is just a part of the charity. In the coming months we are opening a drop-in centre for street kids where we will provide short-term nutrition, basic education and counselling in order to assess the child’s situation. If poverty is the reason the child is on the streets we will look to rehabilitate them with their family and sponsor their education; if abuse is the reason, or they are not safe with their family for other reasons, then we will recommend them to children’s homes we know and trust. This is the long-term strategy to breaking the cycle of poverty in the children’s lives, ensuring their future and the future of the generations after them. Another team being made of the street kids will be formed upon the opening of the drop-in centre to represent them nationally and even potentially internationally in the Street Child World Cup.


Regular costs:

Fruit and water at weekly training sessions (merienda): P1,000/month or £15/month

Nutritional programmes and educational awareness: P3,000/month or £50/month

Footballs, cones, bibs and other basic equipment: P1,000/month or £15/month

Drop-in Centre operation costs estimate: P32,500/month or £500/month (broken down into nutrition, education and social services)


One-off costs:


18 football kits for Kasiglahan FC & Kasiglahan Girls FC (shirts, shorts, socks and printed numbers): P2070 + 1800 + 1500 + 1650 = P7,020 or £110 for one boys team and one girls team (already purchased, see first two articles for photos and info)

9 new football kits for Payatas FC (shirts, shorts, socks, printed numbers and printed sponsor’s logo) estimate: P4,500 or £70 inclusive of sponsor’s logo and advertising.

Sponsorship of Payatas FC, kits which will be sold for fundraising: Estimate P400 per piece. Sponsorship includes shirt sponsorship and branding on national television, newspapers and football websites.

Goals (wood, netting,  labour): P2,500 or £40 per goal, two sponsored, three more required

We encourage all potential donors to visit our sites of operation and to see for themselves what the charity is doing should they be in the Philippines. The Fairplay for All Foundation is committed to a culture of transparency a

nd honesty, neither co-director (Roy Moore and Naomi Tomlinson) receives a salary from the charity. For more information about the football, to discuss sponsorship opportunities or to arrange a visit to Payatas and Kasiglahan contact the charity at: (UK) or (Philippines) or visit our website: where there is a donate button and also a monthly subscriber button to donate to us monthly. You can also donate via our facebook page: or


All expenses are kept accountable and receipts are provided where possible

Depending on the sponsor and the donation, various avenues for advertising and marketing are available. For example, sponsorship of some aspect of the drop-in centre where the street child team will be formed (nutrition, education and/or social services) would allow annual naming rights. For football kits, the sponsor’s logo will be prominently displayed on the kit, shown on photos of the team – some of which have already been widely circulated meaning a large advertising base at the next opportunity. The football kits will also be a fundraising tool meaning wider circulation of the sponsor’s logo. All sponsorship will be noted in articles at and other media sites.

 Articles and potential advertising avenues so far:

Out teams’ first tournament:

Coverage of the Azkals in Burma, AFC Challenge Cup Group Stage (including tweetcasting of the games which cellphone company Smart turned into a subscription service to be repeated in Sri Lanka):

Article by British

Ambassador Stephen Lillie about football in the Philippines and our charity:


Connections with an article about the Homeless World Cup:


Charity’s latest newsletter: