Bacolod Trip June 11 – June 13, 2012

Us enjoy the break in Bacolod

The last few days have been spent on the beautiful island of Bacolod, one of the many islands in the Philippines. I was there with a group of friends for an Azkals match vs Guam on the Philippines independence day (June 12). Our flight was at 4.30am on the 11th so it was a sleepless night for those of us who flew on that flight (9 I think) and we arrived in Bacolod at 5.30am all sleepy and looking forward to getting to the hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel, myself and a friend asked if their was a room spare and when there

Relaxing by the pool

was we were able to book in (we were supposed to stay at a friends but were so tired we just needed to sleep right away). However, our friends who had booked online weren’t able to check in until later so we all hung out in our room for a little while before everyone was able to check in. It was then sleeping time for a few hours before going out for lunch. After lunch we had cake at a place called Cafe Bobs and then headed back to the hotel to chill out by the pool for a few hours.

A few hours later we then ordered more food and had snacks before going out to the RUINS! The Ruins are a famous landmark in Bacolod and it was amazing being there at night-time with it all lit up. At the ruins we met up with other friends and took many pictures and attempted several ‘jump shots’ and generally had a lot of fun considering we were simply at an old and derelict house. After the ruins we headed for dinner at one of Bacolods famous Chicken Houses. I’m vegetarian though for health reasons so unfortunately couldn’t eat the chicken though it did look so good. So before sitting down to eat, a couple of friends and I headed off to find me some food and eventually I got some tofu and veggies thing, got it take out and we went back to the chicken

Jump shots!

house and munched on yet more food. However, our food trip for the day was not yet done because after eating, we went to Calea. Calea is a famous cake shop in Bacolod and it was amazing. I had tea and cake (to be so English) and it was such a great cheesecake but a friend had a mango ice cream cake which was without a doubt the best cake that I tasted there. So after a great day of lots of food, picture times, sun times and lots of laughter and chatter, it was time for everyone to head to wherever they were staying and sleep as most of us were exhausted after the long day on little sleep.

However…that night there was a Euro’s game, England vs France, so despite being tired by crazy friends (though I do love them all dearly haha) watched the game that kicked off at midnight whilst I (being 1 of only 2 brits in our group) slept the night away.

Lunch time!

The next day was game day! The Philippines national team (Azkals) vs Guam. We awoke mid morning, fully refreshed (for the most part) and excited for the day and game ahead. At 11.30 we headed off to meet other friends and people who were joining to watch the game and had lunch. Bacolod is famous for its chicken so everyone had chicken and it was another mission

Relaxing before the game

for me to find food but no complaints because it was a fun little mission. After we had lunch we all headed to a friend’s house to get freshened up and changed for the game and at 3pm we head to the stadium. The kick off wasn’t until 7pm but my friends and I (my friends being the core members) are members of the Kaholeros, the ’12th man of the team’ or ‘official booster squad’ so we had to be there early to greet other members and get ready for the game. The time passed surprisingly quickly and by the time 7pm came the excitement for the game was strong. When the whistle blew for kick off everyone was on their feet screaming and shouting and cheering. Our group has some specific

cheers that we all started shouting and it was just so much fun, I don’t know anyone who didn’t


enjoy the game. In the end we won 3-0 and it was a fun game to watch.

After the game we headed back to the hotel, arriving at about 11pm. As none of us had eaten we agreed to quickly get changed and then head out for food. It was about 12ish before we got out and a friend picked us up in his families truck. We were all tired and soooo hungry by this point. We went to a place that served fish but you had to wait 15mins, we were all to hungry for anyone to wait that long so we set off down a road to find somewhere else, as we were driving it started to rain so the boys (who were in the back of the pick up) started to shout to just go to Macdonald’s. We turned around and headed to Macdonald’s, rushing in to find a queue in the way of us ordering. There was a KFC just 2 mins down the road (where there is food I can eat!) so we all ran down there, bursting (slightly to dramatically) through the doors only to see 6 of the Azkals also eating, we paused slightly as some of us knew some of them before the lure of food got the better of us and we rushed, yes we did rush, the rest of the way to the counter to order and then to consume far much more food that I think any of us normally would have done! About half way through our eating and laughter times, one of the members of staff asked for a picture with the Azkals that were there. However, one of the boys is also the face of another food chain and so he couldn’t be pictured in another food chain so in the end the poor girl had to take off her hat, tie, name badge and put another t-shirt on over her work shirt. It was fun to watch this all going on and I think more funny because we were all so high with food back in our stomachs, a win for the team and general joyousness.

When we finished eating we headed back to the hotel and got a drink and sat and chatted in the biggest room we had between us all until about 2pm during which time we called by the front desk to be told to quieten down which shows really how happy we all were.

The next day it was time to head home. At after a 6.30am alarm, early shower and very yummy breakfast most of us girls and one of the guys headed to the airport (the others were staying for a few more days to go to a fiesta). Upon arriving at the airport we checked in and discovered that we were on the plane with some of the ‘daddy Azkals’. This amused us because if we hadn’t known any of them and then we kept on turning up where they were, they would have most likely assumed we were crazed fans! We finally got on the plane but it wasn’t to be a dull flight as after take off the seat next to one of the girls was empty so I decided to switch to there. However, when I started to move past my friend onto the middle seat, my belt loop got stuck on the lever of the food tray of the plane so I couldn’t move properly so ended up more just kind of falling onto the middle seat, much to the amused of my friends and judging by the disgruntled looks of the passengers around us, they didn’t find it so amusing. It was a fun flight though that apart from being a bit bumpy relatively smooth. Upon arrival back in Manila, it was time to head home and then for an afternoon with the kids!

It was a fun trip though to short to really relax but will defiantly be going back to Bacolod at some point as I would love to see more of the sites there and it really made me realise how lucky I am here to have such a great group of friends! My only wish from the trip was that 2 of my closest guy friends couldn’t make it but next time there’s a trip away, hopefully the whole group will be there and even more fun and laughter will be had. Thanks you to my lovely friends for such a fun trip!

With Kuya Dan (Manager of the Azkals) and a few of the Azkals after the game! Such a fun trip!!

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